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OASI becomes a ‘one-wall’ kitchen 14.04.2022

Stefano Boeri Architetti for ARAN Cucine



The kitchen is one of the most important spaces of the house and, as such, it must be lived. Stefano Boeri reminds us and for the next edition of the Salone del Mobile proposes a new way of living this domestic dimension exploiting one of the main properties of the environment itself: its ‘verticality’.

And so Oasi becomes a one-wall kitchen but maintains its uniqueness in the presence of the natural element.

Following the principle of circularity, around which the free-standing square kitchen of the island version rotates and including the main phases of storage, preparation, consumption, and recycling, Oasi in the one-wall kitchen version comes at the innovative and functional solution for kitchen furnishing.

Also suitable for small living areas, the new Oasi features a wall unit with simple lines, highlighted by smooth doors made of fossil or oxidized wood. Its structure facilitates daily activities through a division of internal space organized by well divided storage compartments and large shelving system for pantry and appliances.

A key role in the field of sustainability, of which the entire Oasi project is a symbol, is the possibility of cultivating trees and ornamental or aromatic plants, also thanks to the indirect sunlight. The latter, filtering between branches and leaves, helps to create an internal microclimate and, reflecting on the horizontal surfaces.

The one-wall Oasi kitchen becomes the symbol of the so-called slow life and becomes the perfect frame of a story made of intimate relationships that are born and grow in this new place of living. The relationship between man and nature finds its confirmation and its continuation: now you really can slow down time to live better, in harmony with oneself and with others in a convivial and shared space, like that of the kitchen.

Also in this project, Stefano Boeri Architetti can interpret this union between man and nature with a piece of furniture that is able to represent and respect the cycle of life.


This new version of Oasi will be officially presented at the ARAN Cucine stand during the Salone del Mobile 2022 where you can admire some of the possible customizations thanks to the wide range of materials, colours, finishes and additional components.

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