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Numbers that count 11.10.2022

OmniDecor, world leader in the glass industry, bases its solid presence on the international reference market on three principles: environmental, economic and social sustainability.

The arrival point, but also the re-departure point, for improving production standards, is the “Environmental Management System” – through which OmniDecor obtained ISO 14001 certification.

“This certificate speaks clearly”, commented the owners, “OmniDecor can now count on a management system which can keep the environmental impacts of its activities under control, in line with legislative compliance obligations and considering any future risks. This is a process which in our industry absolutely cannot be taken for granted”.

For industrial type production, obtaining this certification was only possible using a fundamental resource: time. The time that the operators, of different levels and different roles, provided in order to undergo training on environmental issues and the related operations to be implemented.

The corporate machine took action to develop a Social and Environmental Responsibility monitoring system for the Business.

“The attention to the water consumptions used in processing and the reduction in consumptions have improved the sustainability of our products. It’s sufficient to think that over the past 5 years, thanks to the improved plant efficiency we have reduced water use by 10%”, underlined the company.

Another dutiful reflection, for all industries, is connected with the amount of waste produced. With the new recently installed system, the amount of waste produced has been reduced by 35%.

All this is accompanied by a circular economy project which, by analysing the waste generated during production, can give life to new environmental recycling. In fact, the industrial waste is used as a “reusable” raw material, whereas the liquid waste is used as an intermediate product in chemical processes.

And here we return to the concept of economic sustainability: lower quantities of waste for the company lead to lower amounts of raw materials purchased in favour of secondary materials.

Adopting sustainability as a company principle is certainly a competitive advantage which has always guided the way OmniDecor does business. Conscious and responsible planning and production direct the company’s current outlook towards a constantly evolving future perspective.



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