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Newform Ufficio meets Progetto CMR to give birth to Ne@t eco 01.12.2022

The professionalism of Newform Ufficio meets the experience of Progetto CMR, specialized in integrated design.

The lowest common denominator of both the realities is an approach toward a design as much as possible fluid and flexible, capable of understanding and supporting the end-user’s necessities.

Hospitality and sharing are two new trend concepts of the work environment. The new challenges of contemporary offices shifted the focus on a 360-degree smart office conception, based on the smart working experience.

The operational project Ne@t eco, borrowing through a desk-sharing model the idea of sharing and cooperation among employees, draws a space in which comfort and efficiency are the perfect allies for creativity and cooperation.

Ne@t eco is the tangible answer to the new office panorama: an operating system traced with an innovative thinking to offer character, recognizability and simple lines, to stand out in the “office world” through quality.

The different typologies of legs – wooden and metallic – together with the variable sizes of worktops and meeting tables, tell all the functionality and efficiency of Ne@t eco furniture system.

The recognition of the Made in Italy signed Newform Ufficio & Progetto CMR is visually reflected in the different parts which constitute Ne@t eco: the elements that compose the structure are easily recognizable, thanks to the rounded edges sides and the handle, meant as a “contrast”, which both recur on doors and drawers fronts. Ne@t eco versatility is moreover perceived by the customization possibilities.

The operational project is meant to be matched with freestanding systems, lockers with access management and bookshelves, perfect for a freestanding placement in the middle of the room. «Everything following the aesthetic and style which serve the new way of living the office – dynamically enjoying the workspace, without any dimensional constraints» underlines Progetto CMR.

The know-how of Newform Ufficio combined with the planning of Progetto CMR transform the work environment in a place where first of all the employees are pleased to pass their time.

With Ne@t eco, the office is inspired by an idea of light elegance meant to give a sense of well-being to “guests” or direct operators.

The Ne@t eco light shades highlight the quality of used materials and optically amplify the space, making it bigger and more dynamic, in line with the new idea of smart office.

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