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Mirror-finish Ego 06.04.2022

The iconic Abimis kitchen that lights up the room


Made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel, the most resistant and safe and the most suitable for food contact, Ego is the Abimis tailored kitchen that combines the highest performance levels of professional catering with the most elegant and clean-cut shapes of domestic kitchens.

The steel of the kitchen becomes amazingly glossy and ‘bright” in its special mirror-finish version.

The mirror-finish succeeds in creating plays on light, reflections and suggestions that transform Ego into a really spectacular element, which can fit into the most diverse stylistic philosophies characterizing the surrounding environment, but also change the perception of the space itself, providing a greater sensation of openness.

The typical bevelling of the flush door, completely integrated into the structure, the large ergonomic handles and exclusive recessed socle which provides greater freedom in movement and the joint-free worktop for hygiene and practicality, remain the distinctive features of the Ego line.

In a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, every Ego kitchen, whatever its configuration and finish, is designed and made to measure by Abimis becoming a tool that can adapt to the different methods of use and the most specific habits or living requirements.

In its mirror-finish version, with the reflecting surface, Ego determines the style and atmosphere of a room and, particularly inside an open-space design, transforms the kitchen into the focal point of the space that houses it.

The visual effect of the mirror-finish, with its reflecting surface, is really attractive and makes a great impact, further highlighting the skill of Abimis in designing a kitchen that can guarantee high performance and provide excitement.

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