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Live Out: Sistemi RasoParete’s answer to disorder and climate challenges 16.11.2015

Those that have some external space at their dispositions know better than others: rain, snow, wind and sunshine can be a serious problem for everything that is left outdoors, especially in autumn and winter.

The threat of humidity, in fact, is only one of many inconveniences that force us to continue maintenance or – in the worst cases – substitute: discoloration from sun damage, wind damage or the constant action of the wind, of the salt (for those living near the sea) and significant drops in temperature, all of them accelerate considerably the deterioration of the materials, specially natural one.


Having the possibility to better utilize the available space, even outdoors, means having the freedom to live one’s daily life to the fullest.

With Live Out, Sistemi RasoParete provides shelving, single doors, small storage or entire fully customized systems, able to ensure precision to the millimeter. The aluminum profiles and doors, pre-assembled in our factory to verify the orthogonally of the structure, the co-planarity of the door, the fluidity of the mechanisms and the resistance, can be shipped already assembled on site and fit in the same way to the plasterboard and masonry. Doors of Live Out, in stratifies of Aluminum with a thickness of 19,8mm, furthermore resist to extreme temperatures of -30 ° and + 60 °, and, pre-painted with a drawing of two primers, can be coated or painted with any finishing, in such a way as to make them perfectly invisible inside the coplanar wall.


The panels, adaptable to any need or intervention, are eventually customizable with etchings and screen prints, for a potentially infinite range of products.



A folding doors system to protect a barbecue or an outdoor kitchen, a shelter for ‘laundry’, installations or counters, as well for garbage, for shoes or for other innumerable everyday needs: everything can find its order in a space that puts itself at complete disposal of those who use it… And Sistemi RasoParete creates a space that provides all the tools to create order, not just to improvise it.

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