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La nuova idea di cucina come laboratorio aperto con LAB13 18.05.2022

Years go by, but LAB13 appeal never fades.

Born as a collection in ongoing and constant evolution, as the line continues to grow representing an innovation at EuroCucina 2022, LAB13 explores once again materials and innovative solutions with its essentiality, played by minimalist lines and textured contrasts.

In the new configuration designed by Ulisse Narcisi, LAB13 becomes a 360 laboratory: a space to fill with the emotions and passions of the people who live it, experimenting not only new recipes but infinite possibilities of sharing.

This approach is meant to be the heart of socializing, thanks to the presence of many available spaces along the entire perimeter of the worktop, conceived as places of gathering in which everyone can freely enjoy the various kitchen activities. This is made easier also by the presence of wall cabinets in bronze liquid metal that, together with the wall storage units, enable a homogeneous distribution of the kitchen utensils.

The working area is constituted by an induction hob and an integrated sink in a basalt worktop.

The 130 cm high wall units, not simply offer a considerable contenitive space, but also includes the hood, a crucial element in the kitchen space: the hood indeed improves the air quality by removing the cooking odor, vapors and condensation.

The system with planked black oak and bronze liquid metal doors, together with the shelves and the back panel in Fenix Grigio Bromo of the Copernico unit, makes LAB13 a unique and versatile project that naturally continues “around the corner”, with a composition made by Bright wall units equipped with LED lights and metal brown aluminum profiles, that simultaneously allows to take advantage of the wall space, using it as containment.

LAB13 is also a laboratory of new technological materials. To confirm it, the wall cabinets and tall units with pocket doors are conceived to integrate pullout tables and to conceal the appliances, as the fridge or the microwave oven.

The kitchen meant as open laboratory is confirmed by LAB13 wall composition: a single linear block which expands on three walls letting a wide free space, to assume the engagement of an eventual living area, and getting closer to the idea of an open space with kitchen and living.

The configuration created by Ulisse Narcisi for ARAN Cucine echoes the germ cell from whom all the LAB13 models originated: the research and the design concept, portrayed as ever-changing ideas, able to live and adapt to social changes.

LAB13, in its renovated configuration, reaffirms once again its essence of ongoing project.

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