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Carpet Edition’s new site is online 09.12.2020

Carpet Edition is a young brand, founded in 2005 but with the benefit of the long experience of Indikon in the field of production and distribution of rugs. While safeguarding a rich history, full of family memories, trips, ancient production techniques, and extraordinary artisanal ability, Carlo and Valentina Erba have managed to embark on a path of continuous innovation, collaborating with well known designers and offering versatile, customizable and eco-sustainable products. Launching a new website means recounting with even greater force a world full of colors, shapes, designs and materials capable of transforming into magnificent decor items.

The Home page offers users a snapshot of the company’s identity: in fact, its design and structure communicate precision, rationality, clarity and completeness of information, but at the same time captures its essence with photos of rugs that scroll across the opening demonstrating that seriousness and creativity are forces which unite with each other, producing great results. Towards the bottom of the page it is possible to learn about the history and values of Carpet Edition, thanks to the ‘Who We Are’ section, with interesting information, not just about the company, but also regarding the production techniques, material selections and advice on maintenance. Right after that, you enter the broad range of products on offer in the ‘Discover our Collections’area. Here, among the Hand Made and Cut on Demand collections, you can navigate among the wide variety of rugs, produced exclusively by hand in the first case and customizable in the second. ‘My Carpet Edition’ is another interesting option, an additional service which allows clients to send designs or develop together with the company a personal and unique rug which can be delivered in just 30 days.

Lastly, at the bottom of the Home Page, you will find all of the latest news and distribution contact information so that clients are always up to date and can easily find this information.

The horizontally configured upper menu, is home to links to all the sub pages among which is one dedicated to Designers. Over the years, Carpet Edition has cemented important and fruitful relationships with a range of established designers such as Michela Alquati and Sebastian Corso, Emanuela Garbin and Michela Boglietti, Serena Confalonieri, Studio Salaris, Sara Ferrari, Roberta Mari and Silvia Z. Pio. Working with these professionals has given life to marvelous collections, each meeting was a moment of sharing ideas and reciprocal enrichment, and sharing their value and telling their story is important.

Sections dedicated to projects, the press, and a search function to aid in navigating are also included. Underlining the aim to make the site extremely comprehensive, there is also a filtering function where you can search for ideal rugs by size, color, shape, material and production method. Each product is also accompanied by a detailed and complete description, accompanied by an easy to fill in form to request further information.

All that is left to do is navigate this colorful world, full of ideas, inspiration and extraordinary rugs to make your space even more beautiful, warm and welcoming.

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