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The cooking suite by Prisma 29.06.2021

Prisma rethinks its cooking suite concept to create a functional and safe working environment, suitable for all types of service.

The restyling project of the Prisma cooking suite involves a modernisation of its shape while keeping its essence, to obtain a professional working tool with extra-ordinary performances – designed on the needs of people working every day in the kitchen. A robust, versatile solution, able to ensure those resistance requirements that are essential for a constantly operating element. The result is a perfect combination of design, ergonomics and performance.

The world of professional catering is always evolving, which is why Prisma is constantly modernising its offer to meet the new needs with high-performance, robust and functional products that are also aesthetically well-finished. These highly technological ‘systems’ evolve together with the environment they are placed in and allow the practical and rational organisation of different activities.

Built entirely in stainless steel – with the option of colour variation – the Prisma cooking suite is perfectly functional and can be designed on the needs of the kitchen staff.

The restyling project comes from the desire to rethink the traditionally imposing cooking suite, in order to maximise its functionality and comfort through an aesthetically lighter design – its shape is clean yet dynamic, and capable of ‘dialoguing’ with the environment that welcomes it. Aesthetic sensitivity and research, combined with Prisma’s know how, have thus made it possible to reinvent the cooking suite experience, where the flush-mount cooking functions result in a new cleanliness and visual lightness.

Features of the Prisma cooking suite:

  • Customisable dimensions according to the customer’s needs;
  • The top is entirely made of AISI 304 steel, in a flow with its sides, framing the entire suite through a 45° shaping;
  • The cooking equipment is mounted flush with the top, ensuring utmost hygiene and easier cleaning;
  • Under the top, the dashboard (H233mm) with the characteristic Prisma handles, customisable according to the equipment installed. The elegant Prisma handle is always made of AISI 304 stainless steel and is flush mount with the dashboard, with ergonomic power selector;
  • The compartments may be open or equipped with hinged doors and flat handles, asymmetrically placed in relation to the door;
  • The Prisma cooking suite is totally customisable in terms of features.





Photo Credits: Accent Barbiero

All the designs are the intellectual property of Prisma s.r.l., protected by International Registration with the European Union intellectual property office.

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