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The Bar Counter for Prisma 25.05.2021

Professionalism, expertise, aesthetic sensitivity and passion led Prisma to redefine the concept of Bar Counter, transforming it into a product able to assure the best performance for professionals in the Horeca sector.

The Prisma Bar Counter was conceived and developed as a high-quality professional tool, where aesthetic proportions meet maximum functionality and concrete flexibility. This is made feasible by the possibility of customising each project to meet any furbishing requirement and the most diverse space needs.

The Prisma Bar Counter is the result of efficiency, technology, functionality and versatility – essential aspects for a professional concept – combined with design and creativity, which are equally important when it comes to structures that ‘dialogue’ with the public. Indeed, a bar counter must successfully blend with its surroundings not only to perform its function, but also to offer a pleasant aesthetic experience to guests.

Characterised by a robust tubular structure in AISI 304 stainless steel, the Prisma Bar Counter allows for the integration of all working tools, thus developing into a perfectly organised professional system. The elements that complete the Prisma Bar Counter can be customised in terms of shape, materials and finishing, so as to meet the specific requirements of designers and interior designers, to create a unique and original solution, both technically and aesthetically.

Therefore, the Prisma Bar Counter is not only a working tool that ensures high performance of use, but also afundamental piece of furniture to define the mood of the hosting environment and to create a pleasant and effective ‘interactive moment’ between customer and professional.


All the designs are the intellectual property of Prisma s.r.l., protected by International Registration with the European Union intellectual property office.

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