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Hide & Seek – An Ethimo story 11.09.2023

Hide & Seek is the title of Ethimo’s new short film, a ‘manifesto’ on outdoor living that reveals the connection between man, objects and nature. A narrative in which contemporary design generates a special ‘bridge’ between people and the surrounding landscape by creating cosy environments in which to gather, interact, relax and unwind, surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Hide & Seek showcases the effortless and innate ability of Ethimo’s collections to blend harmoniously with the landscape and demonstrates how furniture can promote meaningful connections between people, interacting with them and accompanying them at all times of day.

With its intriguing storyline, its dialogue in images, and its calm, harmonious pace, Hide & Seek spontaneously reveals some of the most authentic aspects of Ethimo’s outdoor life experience.

A precious inlet, lying amid solid granite rocks, hosts a dwelling embraced by a natural forest of junipers and mastics; an immersive place that seems to blend in with the vegetation, creating fluid connections between man, nature, design and architecture. Here, the ‘soft’ contours of the house, the unstructured shape of the furnishings and the typical colours of the Mediterranean scrub blend seamlessly together, with aesthetics and function giving chase, uniting, and rediscovering one another harmoniously throughout the day.

In this ideal house, a man and a woman seek each other out from morning till dawn of the next day, in an allusion to the famous and traditional pastime of playing ‘hide-and-seek’. The outdoor spaces are transformed into an exceptional playground, where Ethimo’s furnishings dictate the atmosphere and functionality of each room, marking each moment of the day by a constant bond with the vegetation, the architecture and the two protagonists. The furnishings form an integral part of the narrative. They ‘design’ the time and the place, generating an outdoor living experience capable of defining atmospheres, moments and spaces, in the pursuit of an essential well-being in contact with nature.

Inspired by the French and Italian cinema of the 1960s and 1970s, and making constant references to the fascinating painting and photography of the past, the film explores the more emotional side of the relationship between man and design. Ethimo’s outdoor collections undoubtedly create environments capable of enhancing people’s well-being and quality of life, but they are above all elements capable of influencing emotions, experiences and memories. With them, design and comfort become vehicles for expressing empathy, creativity and culture.


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