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From Riccardo Vincenzetti’s President to Makio Hasuike & co.’s Milano 06.04.2023

How the executive office signed by Newform Ufficio changed shape


The story of a change, the one related to the office world, with two iconic products by Newform Ufficio.

President, designed by Riccardo Vincenzetti, is the point of contact between working environment and domestic dimension. Thought also for a home office space, it conveys authority without forgetting its essence: a solution to transform the workroom in a real self-sufficient space.
The thin and linear profiles of the President desk lighten the preponderance of the Canaletto walnut wood. The details in metal and eco-leather have both a practical and aesthetic function, as the desk pad in leatherette, that balance the rigor of the structure and widens the workspace.

On the same line moves everything else: the chest of drawers, the bookshelves, the service furniture. To complete the picture a built-in minibar, perfect to enjoy a pause or conclude meetings with a restful pause.

An executive office, today, must include open and functional elements but must also underline the strategic importance of the executive figures, representative and free from superstructures. An office as a meeting point, with colleagues as well as with clients.
Newform Ufficio, with its truly Italian expertise, follows the modern methods and forms of work presenting Milano, designed by Makio Hasuike & co.

Design solutions with an airy silhouette, with streamlined and curvy profiles playing with empty and full. The main materials used for this collection are oak, durable and strong in form and substance, and Fenix, a cellulose and thermosetting resin composite, capable of regenerating from surface scratches through the heat developed by the friction.

The desk embodies the sense of openness transmitted by Milano. The front is totally open, and the top is symmetrical to look the same on each side. On one front, it is supported by an elegant, profiled container equipped with units and protected by hinged and sliding doors from above with a single metal leg. Adapting to the needs of a contemporary office, the innovative element of this collection is represented by the equipped wall unit: not only a container, but a real vertical support to frame a screen for videos and remote meetings.

Two solutions to satisfy the expectations that every executive office should have over time, both versatile and essential, for having furnishing solutions that guarantee comfort and promote social interaction. President and Milano show these characteristics in the modularity of their structures, adapting to every space that needs great customization.


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