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“Falmec is…” 23.05.2022

The Falmec manifesto at EuroCucina FTK 2022



Passion, freedom, comfort, wellbeing, conviviality, functionality… These are the key elements of the Falmec ‘Manifesto’, amongst the most important and long-awaited leading protagonists of the 23rd edition of EuroCucina FTK.

The visitor will discover many of the new products there in preview, displayed within three different areas of the booth and built around the philosophy of Falmec’s keywords:

smart solutions for exclusive design, such as the result of the huge effort to simplify not only our daily behaviour in the kitchen but also the quality of our life in the domestic space.


Passion for product care and culture, for the people and their needs, for the deep relationship with the territory.

Falmec’s experience, gleaned during decades of activity, changes following evolving human needs and lifestyles, by conserving – always with unchanged faithfulness – the principles that founded the company back in 1981.

Among these, the choice of locating the entire production in the Vittorio Veneto headquarters to the “inox valley” area, and the ongoing collaboration with a local network of highly specialised suppliers who transfer their knowledge in the quality of products.


Freedom like design freedom to build-up and installation.

The new Elements collection is the expression of this free approach with its exclusive systems Monolith, Shelf and Air Wall, where the suction element becomes part of the modular and multifunction architecture.

With Elements, the traditional concept of the hood disappears, leaving the extraction function to totally integrate with the kitchen project.


Comfort like acoustic comfort.

With the NRS technology, the hood noise can no longer be heard; this is achieved by removing the problem of acoustic pollution in the kitchen, one of the main causes of psychophysical stress.

Thanks to in-depth studies and important partnerships with specialised laboratories in fluid dynamics, NRS reduces the noise of the hood by up to -86% of sound power.


Well-being like better air quality.

Falmec’s strategy is specifically to constantly research new technology designed to create a healthy and comfortable environment.

E.ion System technology with the active ions, Circle.Tech with its filtering system, and the recent Multi-Air, with its ultra-compact body, best express the desire to create well-being spaces within the kitchen.


Conviviality like sharing in the kitchen.

The integrated cooking systems of Falmec that combine extraction with cooking thanks to a unique body totally placed at the top, have now been adapted for island kitchens, the new expression of sociality and sharing.


Functionality like a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Falmec products are a balanced harmony between refined design, ergonomics, and high level performances, because they aren’t designed just to be planned as an end in itself, but to interact with the environment and its users.


Passion, freedom, comfort, well-being, conviviality, functionality.

Intrinsic qualities of Falmec’s DNA and of its authentic Made in Italy value, but also significant stages of a journey where symbols and interpretations are translated into extraordinary new products, all waiting to be discovered.



EuroCucina FTK 2022

7-12 June 2022

Pav. 9

Booth G01-H06

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