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Ethimo, preview 2016 collection 02.12.2015

Solid emotions and creativity for Swing, the new collection designed by Patrick Norguet for Ethimo

Swing offers a preview of the Ethimo 2016 collections with a peek at next season’s outdoor trends.

Swing is first and foremost a system. The simple idea behind its conception is based on repetition of an element in teak to make up an architectural principle that creates a comfy seating solution. This is accompanied by research into a technical detail, with the wooden elements fixed to a structure in aluminium, lending lightness and transparency to the whole.

Completely waterproof cushions are the  perfect finishing touch for comfortable, ergonomic seating. The Swing collection includes a swing seat with a dual structure, externally in metal wrapped in a sail through which light filters and internally in pickled teak slats, like a suspended nest that embraces mind and body; the XI sofa, a two-seater sofa, an armchair and two different low tables.

Swing eliminates the barrier between indoors and out, treating garden furniture to the same attention to detail, study of materials, refined elegantly contemporary shapes that are usually reserved for that in the home.

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