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Ego90 23.10.2023

Abimis presents a new version of the iconic Ego kitchen


In Tamins, a charming location situated on the Rhine Gorge, the ‘Grand Canyon of Switzerland’, between Ilanz and Reichnau, Abimis has created an early version of the Ego90 kitchen for a private residence.

Ego90 is a perfect combination of ‘soft’ and comfortable shapes and a squared, clean and well-defined design, a new creation that expresses the ideal fusion between a kitchen with a domestic soul and a more professional set-up. Compared to the distinctive rounded, flush-mounted doors integrated into the structure, Ego90 is marked by right-angled doors, retaining the other characteristics of the iconic line.

With every detail having been studied and defined with the owners, Ego90 is presented here in a refined island version – made as always to measure and entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel – with really significant proportions. The layout has been designed to transform the kitchen into the hub of the home space and facilitate movement, accessibility and moments of conviviality. In fact, Ego90 occupies a central position in the large room that hosts it, an open and welcoming place that also includes the dining area. The strong predominance of white provides a clean and bright image of the room, while the light Scandinavian style wood of many of the furnishings and accessories gives it warmth and elegance. In this context, the hand-orbitally polished steel of Ego90 creates a fascinating contrast with the rest of the surfaces, accentuating the contemporary character of the entire ‘kitchen project’.

In its island configuration, Ego90 sees the kitchen area and a double wash area coexist on the same top, but the difference is that the large work space that occupies the centre of the room creates an area for socialising, in addition to maintaining the traditional functions of food preparation and serving meals. The kitchen incorporates smart storage solutions, such as pull-out drawers, adjustable shelves and organisers for utensils, to maximise space and efficiency, and is also equipped with a wide range of professional accessories and equipment.

Ego90 is able to adapt to every need and, like every kitchen designed by Abimis, it can be made according to the specific preferences of the customer, adapting the composition, accessories and other details to individual tastes, the architectural style of the home and the functional requirements. What makes the difference is the ideal and balanced combination of rigorous and formal design and ‘soft’ shapes, to offer the best aspects of two contexts: the precision and efficiency that characterise professional catering environments, and the warm, welcoming and comfortable atmosphere that you usually breathe in a home.




Abimis for a private residence in Tamins, Switzerland

Kitchen: Ego90

Photo credits: Matteo Cirenei

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