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Sustainable decoration 07.09.2022

“Green” wallpapers support the environment

WallPepper®/Group implements and manufactures its decorative solutions in a respectful and sensitive approach to the environment.

Eco-friendly choices have indeed always been part of the company’s DNA: Founded in 1981 as a laboratory dedicated to high-quality photo printing, the company founded by Diego Locatelli used to pay the utmost attention to how to dispose of the chemicals used in the analog printing process, with the connected registers of loading and unloading.

It was also very important to dispose of the silver waste in films in full compliance with the rules, with special attention to the air quality in the working rooms. These matters have made it possible to develop a growing sensitivity toward environmental problems.

Dealing mainly with Fine-Art printing, the photo lab has always excluded solvent printing and vinyl materials in order to use only water-based inks and cotton paper.

In this way, attention and respect for the environment entered the logic of all productions, even when we decided to start printing wallpapers to create large decorative images using sustainable and certified materials,” says Diego Locatelli.

WallPepper®/Group wallpapers are the result of continuous technical and artistic research, therefore they are high-quality coatings made from natural, sustainable, PVC-free and certified materials. They are able not only to respond to any project request but also to achieve the perfect balance between different housing needs and the need to reduce environmental impact.

Through the judicious use of materials and the best printing practices, which include the use of environmentally friendly and safe pigmented inks, WallPepper®/Group produces each graphic in the catalogue, in addition to those created on a project, exclusively tailored, adapting each one depending on the size of the destination wall. to be able to calculate material requirements, minimize waste and optimize energy consumption.

The main material on which the graphics are printed is 100% eco-friendly WP/Smooth TNT, consisting of cellulose and textile fibers obtained mainly from agave leaves, completely free of PVC, with good mechanical, fire and light resistance. WP/Smooth is odorless, breathable, hypoallergenic and has a strong decorative effect due to the characteristics of the material making it extremely velvety to the touch (and easy to clean with a damp cloth). WP/Smooth is also UL, AgBB and Nordic Swan certified and complies with the Greenguard Children & Schools standard.

The use of WallPepper®/Group solutions in building projects – commercial or residential – also helps to secure credits, such as LEED, required for a building to be considered environmentally friendly and energy efficient, and thus achieve the important LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, one of the most prevalent protocols for sustainable building worldwide.

WallPepper®/Group materials meet international standards for sustainability and reuse at the end of their product life cycle to provide the professional with a certified qualification,” continues Diego Locatelli.

WallPepper®/Group makes it possible to rationally and consciously decorate modern spaces and offer certified designers high-performance solutions with a unique and extraordinary aesthetic effect.

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