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2021 Collection’s Previews 05.11.2020

Swing footres

Dynamic new detail makes Patrick Norguet’s iconic collection even more outstanding.

Swing, the lounge and dining collection created by Ethimo and Patrick Norguet, is now all the more complete with its new circular footrests, meaning that outdoor living spaces have all they need, with an extra little place to sit.

This original addition has all the quality, elegance and comfort of the rest of the collection including the characteristic, instantly recognisable architectural feel that has been achieved through the arrangement of teak elements. The footstool can be paired with the Swing sofas and lounge chairs or used as an alternative to traditional outdoor seating.

The Swing frame is in teak (natural or pickled) and aluminium (black or white) and the stools come in three diameters (140 cm, 60 cm and 40 cm) with two height settings for each version (38 cm or 46 cm).

The soft cushion fabrics are made using technical material that can withstand weather conditions and wear, and come in Nature GreyChessGreen Sardinia and Blu INK.

Scope to experiment with these different features guarantees the uniqueness of Swing footstools. The range of versions means truly beautiful showstoppers can be created, resulting in a unique, very special space: a perfect hideaway combining nature and design, where you can enjoy moments of calm or stress-free entertaining.


Ribot, stool

The natural teak collection created by Ethimo and Marc Sadler, featuring dining chairs, lounge armchairs, footstools, coffee table and extendable table, now stars a tall stool with backrest.

The new Ribot stool has the same solid composition and modern minimalism of the other chairs, with the characteristic delicate forward slant, and also has an essential detail that is both functional and decorative: a stainless steel bar that acts as a comfortable footrest.

Ribot comes in two heights (82 cm and 92 cm), each of which has been designed to suit different uses. The taller version, bar stool, is a high chair created to accompany high tables and counters, whilst the slightly lower version, counter stool, is perfect for pairing with tables, outdoor kitchen islands, or other eating areas with a counter you can either sit or stand at.

The Ribot stool, in both versions, is created to provide the private customer (and particular those looking for bespoke design solutions) with ergonomic, long-lasting teak seating that can also be used outdoors.

Comfort, solidity and outstanding versatility make the Ribot stool the natural choice for furnishing outdoor spaces such as gardens, verandas, terraces or swimming pools. Clean lines and the warmth of the teak make this the perfect addition to modern, indoor spaces such as a kitchen or home bar.

The Ribot stool delivers a new experience in comfort that’s all about being together.

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