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Allurex® 23.10.2023

The vertical design, elegant and resistant


Together with Lumaframe® (Plexiglass® Rohm material that enchants with contrasts and chiaroscuro), Acousticframe® (that with its features match the beauty and acoustic comfort) and Airframe® (the ultra-light and versatile support), Allurex® completes the NC Design® group products range with a decorative solution that joins elegance and resistance.

The new material for high-quality photographic printing is made of high-quality aluminium, treated with silver anodic oxidation which ensures effective protection from corrosion. The frame is powder coated, with a front of 5mm and a thickness of 40mm and is available in the refined Black finish or in the brighter and more precious Gold finish.

Thanks to cutting-edge development and production methodologies, Allurex® play up the features of aluminium printing, guaranteeing considerable resistance of the support itself, which shows to be particularly resistant to wear, and of the quality of the print, which remains intact and lasting, thus maintaining colour, brightness and intensity unaltered.

Allurex® is a material that can be installed and exposed in outdoor locations, or partially open, and for common areas as in Contract, Ho.Re.Ca or public areas, where the large passage of people usually implies a  wear and tear on the structures and furnishings.

The silver satin finish of Allurex®, besides giving an elegant and refined appearance, offers an excellent return of light and white tones, emphasises the depth of chiaroscuro, underlines the intensity of contrasts and the brilliance of colours, and is particularly suitable to stand out monochrome images. Allurex®, like all other NC Design® group products, can also ‘welcome’ any graphics in the catalogue, whatever the desired format.

The many qualities of Allurex®, thus allow the images to elegantly furnish any wall, sideboard or support surface in an indoor space and to enhance the outdoors by creating original and surprising ‘design galleries’.

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