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Alfabeto from Carpet Edition 10.07.2023

Alfabeto by Eliana Lorena for Carpet Edition expresses itself through ts graphemes: a series of out-of-scale linear strokes, which overlap in an effort to depict the weave, the base of every rug. The language of Alfabeto is one based on the use of a series of minimal elements, like in a code. To be depicted, in effect, is a knowing, a gesture, a constructive act: the intersection of warp and weft, by way of a sign that is not descriptive, but symbolic.

As in the letters that are organized to form words, the warp and weft unite to create fabric and give life to a design object able to transmit the Italian company’s high-quality know-how.
An evolution of colors and fibers (New Zealand wool and Tencel). The color palette has also been amplified to explore the infinite possibilities of experimentation with six new colours.

The new color variations of Alfabeto, developed in full respect of the environment, create imaginary marks which, in their imperfection, underline the value of handmade by Carpet Edition

The weave, exclusively handmade, designs a fabric on fabric that – following Bruno Munari’s lessons in Fantasia – allows us to think about what does not yet exist, reminding us that “one thing leads to another”.


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