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Abimis for a private residence in Milan 14.12.2022

The kitchen Atelier creates the perfect domestic set-up for a chef from Campania


A completely renovated elegant apartment, inside a 1970s building located in the very central district of Porta Venezia in Milan, houses a version of the Atelier kitchen by Abimis with a professional layout and stunning aesthetics.

The space housing the kitchen, adjacent to the living area, is bright, welcoming and tidy, all contributing to offering a sense of calm and comfort. Atelier was made to measure in the proportions, functions and with the tools and accessories to fulfil the wishes of the owner, a young chef and her family, to provide a solution that could combine the performance levels of a professional kitchen with the design of a domestic kitchen and, thus, be able to cook with passion at home too.

Entirely made of orbitally hand-polished AISI 304 stainless steel, a finish which as well as reducing the visibility of scratches and fingerprints, also gives the kitchen a particularly warm and silky feel, Atelier has been configured to give life to three separate and distinct functional ‘areas’ in order to combine professional efficiency and the practicality of a household kitchen.

A first area has been created on the wall with a pre-existing cooking and washing block of substantial dimensions, personalized by Abimis with a steel top, back and hood set flush into the ceiling.

In the middle of the kitchen, below the spectacular helical staircase that leads to the top floor of the apartment, a large island has been positioned, also made of orbitally polished steel, with a dual operational and social function. In fact, Atelier has been ‘organized’ on one side with large drawers, a container compartment, oven and spacious work top – without any gaps to make it absolutely practical and hygienic – which extends to create a snack bar on the other side. This versatile layout has various advantages as it enables the different daily activities to be organized better but at the same time makes cooking and social moments even more comfortable.

Finally, to complete the kitchen area, Abimis has created a large block of columns, again with an orbitally polished finish and brass handles, for the oven, fridges, cupboard compartments and a professional wine cellar.

Made to measure and for multitasking, this interpretation of Atelier transforms a chef’s private kitchen into a lively workshop of ideas, perfumes, flavours and social life.



Abimis for a private residence, Milan

Kitchens: Atelier

Photo credits: ©Matteo Cirenei

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