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Abimis for Garage Nardini 12.09.2023

ÀTRIA, the outdoor kitchen with a domestic character is transformed into a setting with a show-cooking feel to it.


Garage Nardini, the bar-restaurant owned by Nardini, the oldest distillery in Italy – in Bassano del Grappa – and a leading company in the market of grappa and quality liqueurs at international level, is now one of the reference places in the Venetian town, often hosting exclusive events, many of which are connected with the food and beverage industry.

For a special dinner, prepared ‘in view’, the distilleria del ponte chose ÀTRIA, the first Abimis kitchen specifically created for outdoor living, to be positioned under the characteristic porch of Garage Nardini, a ‘business card’ for the larger location. The chef’s request was to have an outdoor kitchen with a compact size that was well organised, able to fit harmoniously into the surrounding space and complement it but, above all, highly efficient to allow the perfect preparation of the dishes while chatting with guests at the same time.

Made entirely of steel, ÀTRIA is the solution that interprets a new and extraordinarily versatile way to cook outdoors. The harmonious proportions, clean lines, compact shape, customisation possibilities in terms of layout and colour, and an open design that fits perfectly into any outdoor setting, make ÀTRIA the ideal solution for those who want to cook outdoors in style, with top level functionality and performance.

This version of ÀTRIA is an elegant stainless steel block with a bright green finish for the door handles and the base/structure that can act as a practical countertop or as an original visible compartment. The module consists of a sink integrated into the structure, central worktop, induction hob, backrest equipped with shelf and bottle holder, and large storage compartments.

Thanks to its characteristics, ÀTRIA has thus proved to be the ideal outdoor kitchen for ensuring a professional service – during which the preparation of the food has been transformed into an experience encompassing show-cooking and dinner – and conveying the same feelings of warmth, conviviality and sharing as a domestic kitchen.



ÀTRIA, a sustainable outdoor kitchen


ÀTRIA is made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel, an anti-bacterial and biologically neutral material that does not release any substances onto food, is resistant to corrosion, to impact, to humidity and moisture and to high temperatures. It is also 100% recyclable and easy to clean. Perfect for year-round outdoor use and suitable for all types of settings, it guarantees non-stop operation, durability and a hygienic kitchen. The structure has adjustable feet to guarantee maximum stability. If it is installed by the sea or a swimming pool, ÀTRIA is produced in AISI 316 stainless steel, a special alloy which – thanks to the addition of molybdenum – proves particularly suitable for life in settings that are rich in chlorine and salt air.


Abimis for Garage Nardini, Bassano del Grappa – Italy

Kitchen: ATRIA, Design Studio Delineo and Massimo Rosati

Photo credits: Colin Dutton


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