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A 500-sqm contemporary house in Berlin shows Turri’s design 04.10.2023

Berlin: a dynamic city, the headquarter of electro music and ambassador of a cosmopolitan language in which history and innovation live together. Besides the recovered factories- which have been transformed into exhibition spaces dedicated to contemporary art- Turri‘s Made in Italy has been chosen to enhance its landscape. From the vibrant core of the city starts the tailor-made furnishing project by Turri: a contemporary house featuring an exclusive style.

The living, dining and bedroom areas are designed with customised pieces coming from the most recent collections: Blossom by Andrea Bonini, Blues by Giuseppe Viganò, Domus by Matteo Nunziati, Drum by Giuseppe Viganò, Roma by Monica Armani, and Soul by Giuseppe Viganò.

Starting from the entrance, the storage unit Domus designed by Matteo Nunziati for Turri defines the space which symbolises welcoming and meeting.

It features a Marquina black marble top and eucalyptus wood doors and it is supported by Matt light platinum thin metal legs. It is a perfect countertop able to define the passage towards the sleeping room on one side and the living room on the other, as an imaginary border line.

In the living area, there is the coffee table Domus, which presents the same characteristics of the storage unit at the entrance, and two furnishing pieces of the Drum collection by Giuseppe Viganò:  the modular sofa and the armchairs give a touch of elegance to this sharing space.

The rhythm Drum line – as the one of Berlin’s electro music – is marked by the modularity of the sofa and gives fluidity and refinement to an area furnished with style.

The great rectangular table with a eucalyptus wood top and the fabric-wrapped chairs Domus with eucalyptus wooden legs divide the living room from the dining room.

The sleeping area is diametrically opposite, and it presents both the guest bedroom and the master bedroom. The bed Domus with its curved design and the embracing head, can be immediately noticed thanks to its unique vertical stitching and it creates a balancing contrast with the other furnishing elements. At the bed sides there is a closed night table, perfect as storage space, and another more opened which can be exploited as countertop. They both belong to the Domus collection.

The International style is confirmed by the presence of the chair and the low table of Roma collection designed by Monica Armani for Turri.

The simplicity and the spontaneity of the tactile curves resulting from the balance between straight and curved lines show a contemporaneity-oriented dimension of daily life.

The total look concept continues by exploring the guest room whose environment is enhanced by the bed Soul designed by Giuseppe Viganò paired with the night tables Domus: a comfort and relax feeling is granted by the rounded bed head, welcoming and slightly curved around the mattress and able to follow the stitching direction.

A place which invites, even the guests, to relax in the evening through a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

The small version of armchair Roma with its bouclé lining completes the environment.

A fluid and refined mood able to broaden the horizons to achieve a sharing idea based on the making ability and the Made in Italy designed by Turri.

This is confirmed by the tailor-made project which includes an office area coming from the connections among the most recent collections: table and chair Domus together with the storage unit Blues by Giuseppe Viganò meet the softness of Blossom sofa created by Andrea Bonini and the functionality of low table Domus, always made of eucalyptus wood.

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