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2022 Capsule Collection 26.01.2022

WallPepper®/Group and Cornelia Hagmann pay homage to the beauty of nature with a collection of “immersive” wallpapers with extraordinary expressive power.


WallPepper®/Group Capsule Collections are genuine wall-sized art celebrations.

Embellishing spaces with WallPepper®/Group Capsule Collections means to dress up the walls with contemporary works of art, tailor-made created, and adapted thanks to an eco-friendly and functional print support, which allows images to define and dominate the space. Wall décor becomes therefore key, to give character and exceptional emotional strength to the surfaces, assuring high resistance and durability.

The Austrian Artist Cornelia Hagmann launches her new Capsule Collection with WallPepper®/Group, a library of unique and enchanting works of art, that evoke the colors, the shapes, and the wonders of nature; created to adorn the walls of contemporary areas and contribute to a state-of-the-art living experience.

“My joy and passion is to portray nature by focusing the human eye on its amazing details. During my hikes I try to catch the natural events and to put them in order: I paint on canvas to let nature speak in an artificial language”. Says Cornelia Hagmann. “Victor Hugo once said: “How sad to think that nature speaks and mankind doesn’t listen”. My artworks pay homage to nature; I want my paintings to be on very high walls, to let people wake up and see nature as the most precious thing that we have, as we can’t live without it. We are part of it. We are sons and daughters of the universe and it is our responsibility to protect the values of nature”

Natural details, flowers, plants, and jungle-inspired patterns, the new WallPepper®/Group Capsule Collection turns indoors into lush and enchanting settings, highlighting a new way of living any environments, from residentials to contract and hospitality. Nature describes itself through wallpaper, that gives character and charm to the surface on which it is applied.


WallPepper®/Group, much more than just wallpaper


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