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13: ARAN Cucine pace 31.01.2023

13 continues to be the “pace” with which ARAN Cucine talks about itself through several new projects.

The LAB13 family, in constant evolution and always ready to embrace new technological experimentations, presents its new entry: introduced with the Catalogue as an EuroCucina 2022 novelty, also the new restyling by Ulisse Narcisi has been presented in a big version.

Starting from the base module of 78 cm and from one key characteristic of the LAB13 collection – the adaptability of the worktop at different heights – the capacity is more than 30% for wall cabinets and 15% for base cabinets also in this version.

Once again, we talk about an ‘extra storage’ system based on the multiples of 13 cm, which guarantees the maximum ergonomics and versatility in the most convivial space of the house: the kitchen.

With Module 13, ARAN Cucine really Checkmates with Scacco Matto – the homonymous bichromatic solution with 6 LPL color combinations and a horseshoe structure to exploit all the available space.

The working area is divided between the wall unity, which houses the induction hob, and the peninsula, with a single-bowl sink in black fragranite. To link the two worktops in grey gres, Pietra Piasentina, is there the built-in equipped wall system. Perfectly in the middle, the oven becomes the focus of the entire composition and gives a perspective balance. Moreover, being equidistant by the cooking and washing areas makes it be in the most functional position to manage the preparations, giving great freedom of movement.

Also for this model, the storage capacity – increased by the 13 cm modules dimensions – is emphasized by the possible customizations of colors and finishes. The one of Scacco Matto is a dimension in which the game of shapes and colors becomes an inspiration for those who live this space every day. The chromatic harmony matched with the materials alternation, indeed, allows to combine the home environment space with its use.

But the ARAN Cucine 13 modules do not end here. Another novelty, likewise exposed for the first time on the last Milan Furniture Fair, reveals to us much of ARAN, especially of the people who represent it.

In full respect of familiar traditions, the geometric linearity of Guadalupe leaves room to the simplicity of human relationships.

If Scacco Matto shows all its functionality facilitating activities and giving the maximum comfort to the cooks, Guadalupe is thought to welcome and live the family.

The linear disposition of the cooking area, surrounded on the left from the snack area in E:wood and on the right from the equipped wall system with two ovens and a built-in fridge, offers an overall look of the entire kitchen.

The central area suggests the necessary presence of people: in Guadalupe the core is not the structure of the kitchen but the free space which remains – free but never empty.

The first impression, with the wood grains appearing from the soft pastel color, recalls the traditional kitchens of old country houses, but the details of the Groove handles in titanium metal, deliberately big, together with the backsplash in marble and the considerable dimensions of the volumes, reveal all the modernity of the ARAN Cucine Made in Italy.

In Guadalupe, as well as the undisputed quality of the chosen materials to sustain a functional design, is underlined the importance of the quality of human relationships embracing family life.

Once again, ARAN professionalism gave life to dimensions to live and not only to cook.

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